Boundless Education

Educational Enrichment for High-Ability Students

We offer unique IMACS accredited classes in mathematics and computer science designed to challenge the brightest and most motivated of elementary and middle school students. Classes operate on multiple levels of difficulty and combine mathematical problem solving, puzzles, and critical thinking to develop students’ logical reasoning skills and overall academic prowess.

Covid-19 UPdate

Due to current COVID circumstances all classes will be offered online and via Zoom. Our virtual Zoom classes will be conducted to the same standards and will cover the same material as their in-person counterparts.

Ask us about scheduling a class for your child’s pod this school year. We can design classes around groups of 6 students or more. Call Boundless soon to get started.

Free IMACS Math Placement Class

We are so confident of our programs that we invite you to a free class to see our curriculum in action. Once you see what we really do, you’ll want this unique advantage for your child.

All classes are offered in 8-week blocks, or Quarters, and run from September through June.  Each quarter builds on the one previous and becomes more challenging through the calendar year.  Children who are successful at the end of each quarter are invited to continue on the to next challenging quarter or year.  New students can enter throughout the school year after taking a placement test.

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