IMACS Classes

2021-22 School Year: 

Boundless offers the following courses for talented students in elementary and middle school.  All classes are taught remotely so they are available to children throughout the State of Connecticut. 

After taking a placement class children can join enrichment classes throughout the year. Please call us to learn how this works! Classes begin September 12, 2021.

o   Mathematics Enrichment: Grades 1-7. Small, interactive online classes delivered by our highly skilled mathematics instructors, 24/7 online access to exclusive videos, interactive exercises and worksheets. Free placement class required.

o   See Boundless Classes tab for more offerings.

Math Enrichment

The IMACS Math Enrichment Program is unlike any class your child has ever experienced. The math enrichment progression is comprised of multiple, year-long, and progressively difficult levels for students in grades 1-7.  Children enroll for 8 weeks at a time, so no need to commit to a semester or full year. And no year-long contracts are required.  

Classes meet on weekends and weekdays, the days and times vary by class level. We are happy to talk with you about your math goals for your child and to help you find a class time that will work for you. Just give us a call – 203.762.7402.

Each week your child’s fully integrated mathematics enrichment experience will include an interactive class, multiple videos, and worksheets:

  • One online interactive Zoom class: Each class is led by a qualified instructor using advanced technology to illustrate and explore key concepts. Our students have fun while they develop critical reasoning skills and a genuine understanding of the logical reasoning processes required to solve advanced math problems.
  • Online, interactive worksheets:  These are not your ordinary drill-and-kill worksheets; they are interactive exercises in the IMACS style. Why not try a free class and find out! Auto-grading allows for immediate feedback and multiple attempts. For the rest of their lives, whether in school, at work, or at play, IMACS graduates simply think better
  • Multiple, short videos: can be viewed 24/7 and allow students to listen and absorb at their own pace.