Policies and Procedures

Boundless Education accepts students based on their talents and abilities and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, nationality, ethnic origin, or other irrelevant criteria.

Enrollment, Tuition, and Payments
Quarterly tuition is due in full on or before the first class. Classes are filled giving current students priority enrollment 2 weeks before the start of a new quarter. New students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may pay a non-refundable $75.00 deposit to reserve a place. The balance is due in full on or before the first class.  Multiple class and sibling discounts are available to all students if requested prior to the commencement of the quarter and if paid prior to the first class of the quarter

If a student drops a course prior to the start of the first class, the full tuition less the deposit will be credited towards future classes.  If a student drops a course immediately after the first class, half of the course tuition will be forfeited, and the other half will be credited towards future classes. If a student drops a course after the second class, the full tuition will be forfeited. In order to receive a credit as outlined above, parents must notify Boundless Education by the appropriate date that a student will be dropping a class.

Waiting Lists
For classes that are full, parents may register their child on the waiting list for that class by paying a $75.00 deposit. This deposit is returnable if a space does not become available in the next quarter.

Attendance and Punctuality
Students should make every attempt to attend all classes. Boundless Education does not guarantee make-up classes. However, if Boundless Education’s instructors determine that a student’s understanding is compromised by his or her absence from a class, a member of the Boundless Education faculty may be made available to work with the student.

All Boundless Education classes start at the scheduled time and students should be on time for each class.  Tardiness is disruptive to both the teacher and the other students, and tardy students may have difficulty understanding the parts of the lesson missed.

Conduct and Discipline
Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner and to treat those working around them with respect. Students whose behavior is disruptive to the class will be removed from the classroom and the parents will be notified. Students can be expelled from class without refund after 2 warnings are made to parents.

Drop off
It is important that students do not arrive for in-person classes before the class begins. Teachers use the time between classes to make preparations for the next class and are not responsible for students who are dropped off too early. Students must wait outside the classrooms with a parent until the teachers instruct them to go in. (Please see COVID -19 policies for updated specifics)

It is essential that a parent or other authorized adult pick up students when classes are over. Parents who fail to pick up their children within ten minutes of the end of class are considered late unless a previous arrangement has been made with the Boundless Education staff.

When children are not picked up on time after a class an obvious problem is created. Our instructors are routinely expected to remain in their classroom for 10 minutes after completing a class. Beyond that 10- minute period after class our teacher would only be staying to wait with your child. Accordingly, a charge of $30 per quarter hour will be imposed for any child who is not picked up within ten (10)  minutes of the end of his/her class.

For the safety of their children, parents must advise them to wait inside the instructional site to be picked up.  Parents must then come in to get their children.  If an adult other than a parent is to pick up a student, Boundless Education staff must be notified prior to the pick-up.

First Aid & Medications
It is the responsibility of parents to provide Boundless Education with emergency phone numbers and instructions. Boundless Education  staff are not allowed to administer first aid or to dispense over-the-counter medications to any student.

Children are not permitted to use personal phones or other devices during class unless they are calling the parent for emergency or assistance.

Covid-19 Policies for Eli Whitney Museum Classes or Comstock Community Center Classes

We will ask parents to comply with:

-Screening your child before class each day. They should be kept home if they have symptoms.

-Taking your child’s temperature before class each week. They should not come to class with a temp above 100.

Please be certain to review these requirements with grandparents, nannies, friends etc.  who will be providing transportation for your child. 

We have an online option for each class built into the schedule.  If you keep your child home due to an abundance of caution they will be able to make up the academic content missed.  

At the discretion of the site and the instructor, Masks might need to be worn by all students and instructors for the entirety of the class, and during drop-off and pickup. 

  • Children may wear two-layer cotton masks or three-layer disposable masks. Bandanas and gators do not provide the same type of protection and will not be allowed in class.
  • Students should have two masks when they come to class (the one they are wearing, and a spare in a sealed plastic bag.)   

Drop off and pick up routine.

During drop-off parents should walk their child to the outside door to be certain of safety in the parking lot.  Parents will not be allowed inside the building/lobby/restrooms. Children will not be allowed to enter the building and wait in the lobby prior to class, so arriving on time (but not early) is important. 

Per Museum policy you should please meet your child outside the exterior door at the published end of class time. Children will be instructed to wait inside until a parent is visible through the glass door before exiting to the parking lot. Please do not encourage students to walk unescorted through the Museum parking lot.

New Procedures

Bathrooms accessible from our classrooms will be stocked with soap, and hand sanitizer will be available both there and in the classroom. Signage will remind students to wash hands after using the restroom.  Since no students or parents will be waiting in the lobby the classroom door will remain open to avoid the need to handle doorknobs. 

We will no longer supply pencils or paper.  Each child should bring several pencils (with erasers) and a notebook for class. 

We also have adapted our teaching techniques so children will not come to the board to handle shared items. 

All homework will be done online this year so we will not need to be collecting or returning paperwork.  All worksheets will be done online during the at-home component of the course.  If concepts are displayed on the board your child can record in the notebook they will bring to class.

Students will be seated 6 feet apart from each other and the instructor will maintain that same spacing. 

Water and Snacks

You may send your child with a reusable water bottle but we will not allow snacks of any kind into the classroom or building.  Children should not leave anything behind in the classroom.

Payment for Classes

Payment should be made by mailing a check well in advance of the start date or paying via Venmo. Due to the need to socially distance no Boundless representative will be onsite to collect payments and our instructors will be not be accepting checks in person.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.